Hi there! I’m Jose.

I am a data engineer at Airbnb, currently on the Market Dynamics team to help our data science teams productionize metrics that measure Airbnb’s competitiveness and maintain the health of our 200+ data pipelines. I was formerly on the Payments team at Airbnb, focused on Financial Infrastructure. I blur the divide between computer systems, algorithms, and artificial intelligence.

I love writing code, solving problems, teaching math, and designing modules. Beyond my day job, I care a lot about computer science and math education, particularly for K-12 students. I have taught at Design Tech, Mission Bit, the Midtown Center for Boys, Stanford’s CS106 series (introductory CS classes), and Stanford Splash. For fun, I love fixing and riding bikes. I also love playing foosball, billiards, and board games. I am a huge urban enthusiast and I am proud to have grown up in Chicago.

More about me and my work.

Resume // pdf

At Airbnb, I work in tandem with our data scientists on the Market Dynamics team to build and optimize our data pipelines to be more reliable, efficient, and scalable.

When I was on the Financial Infrastructure team, I ensured that our accountants and stakeholders had high-quality, accurate data for reporting by improving our ETL pipelines and building tools to better monitor Airflow task health.

For my work, I use Scala, Hive, Spark, and Airflow.

Before joining Airbnb, I interned at Facebook as a software engineer – first in Menlo Park and then in New York. While in Menlo Park, I redesigned and optimized the grammar query pipeline (graph search) on the Search NLP team. In New York, I added a multi-regional cache to a Messenger data service on the Messenger Infrastructure team.

Midtown Center for Boys // teacher

This was a lot of work, but it was so much fun teaching! I taught four classrooms of 7th graders and three classrooms of 9th graders (15-20 students per classroom). Here are resources I created to help teach math to 7th and 9th graders. It also includes a list of enrichment programs, schools, and activities I recommend to my students. Let me know if you end up using this or parts of it for your curriculum!

Stanford Infolab

I had the opportunity to research on a team in the Stanford Infolab. The long-term goal of our project was to auto-generate study guides for MOOCs. We focused on developing a method for extracting keywords from video lectures, which would be used for a study guide. Check out our research paper here.

Stanford Splash // teaching profile

Here is my teaching profile for Stanford Splash (education for students by students). I have taught classes in game theory, bike repair, California housing history (Proposition 13), and origami (learn how to fold a Kawasaki rose by following this diagram). My favorite class to teach was game theory!

Medium // @josehdz

Elevating the mental grub in the world. I occasionally blog on a wide variety of topics that I care about, including math in the real world, what my journey looked like as I started coding, and STEM education. If you’d like to get in touch about something you’d be interested in hearing from me, email me at josehdz at cs dot stanford dot edu.

LinkedIn // josehdz

My professional profile.